Thibaud explains… code compilation— What happens when you type “gcc main.c”?

You CAN teach an old computer new tricks, but that won’t happen if you ask in English.

Compiling C: a 4 step process

C compilation is a 4-step program. That’s 8 less than AA and you’re allowed to drink when they fail!

TL;DR: the compiler

  • reads the source file,
  • processes it in a way that your computer can understand more easily,
  • links it with whatever runtime libraries are required,
  • creates an executable binary file.

Step 1: Preprocessing

Step 2: Compilation

Step 3: Assembling

Step 4: Linking


#include <stdio.h>/**
* main - Prints "Hello, Medium!"
* Return: Always 0
int main(void)
printf("Hello, Medium!\n");
return (0);
No turning back now!
Is it a bird? Is it a plane ? It’s not a birdplane, but it’s a wild a.out!
Great Success!




Student at Holberton School France

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Thibaud Poncin

Thibaud Poncin

Student at Holberton School France

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