You can only understand this meme if you were on the internet in the mid 00's.

Some say you need to understand recursion before you can understand recursion. You know what, let’s prove them wrong. I’ll try to explain how recursion works, and maybe, if you understand how it works, you will be able to understand how it works. Are you confused yet? …

In Python, everything is an object. (to the one of you who says “just like Ruby”… please just shut up, nobody likes you!). “But wait”, I hear you ask, “when you say everything, you really mean everything?”.

Yes. Ohhhh boy, yes. Every string, integer, list, tuple, function, everything, i tell…

Karl M., founder and employee of, best known for being a precursor in horizontal management and inventing class-oriented p… wait, does this say “politics”?

Object Oriented Programming, in opposition to procedural programming, is a programming paradigm based on the concept of objects, which can contain fields of data (called attributes), or functions (called methods).

The Python language is class-based, meaning that all Python objects are instances of a class. As such, all objects instantiated…

Fantastic libraries and where to find them

While our muggle technology would baffle the likes of Newt Scamander, libraries are, arguably, fantastic (and useful!) beasts to master.

Libraries are files containing multiple object files, that can be used as a single entity in the linking phase of the compiling process. …

Preprocessors need love too!


Let me start by telling you about a wonderful *flinch* bunch *flinch-flinch* of people *flinch*: the IOCCC.

That thing, which is short for International Obfuscated C Code Contest, is a bunch of thick-glassed, scruffy-bearded, short sleeve shirts-wearing nerds that reunite (almost) every year since 1984 to elect the worst offender…

Wait… is that the right kind of library?

What are static libraries and how do they work?

Libraries are files containing multiple object files, that can be used as a single entity in the linking phase of the compiling process. In other words, it’s a collection of binaries of resources that can be used by any program that calls it.

Static vs. Dynamic libraries

Dynamic libraries are stored as separate entities…

You CAN teach an old computer new tricks, but that won’t happen if you ask in English.

Say you want your computer to do something new. Can you ask it, in natural language, what you want? “Duh, of course not!” I hear you say, “my computer speaks ‘code’, not English!”

And you’d be kinda-sorta-half-right. On a hardware level, all your computer knows is machine code, aka binary…

Hard links vs Symbolic links. Who’s never wondered about this question at least once? How’s that? Everyone, you say? Nonsense!

The files stored on this poor NAS drive won’t be available until further notice.

The Linux File System

The concept of files is pretty much obvious for most of the people who will read this article. …

What in the heck are you typing? You acting like you’s in the Matrix or some sh*t?

Did you know the scrolling code from the Matrix movies are in fact japanese sushi recipies?

When I was a teen, being asked when Morpheus would come pick me up in the Nebuchadnezzar so I could go fight the machines with my “hacker sh*t” was almost a weekly occurence.

Thibaud Poncin

Student at Holberton School France

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